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Experience in Flavors & Fragrances

Sensation Research is headed by Cindy Ward, Ph.D., a sensory professional with vast experience in flavors and fragrances.  This experience applies to a wide range of beverage, food, and personal care matrices.

Collaboration Across R&D Endeavors

Sensation Research has worked collaboratively with product developers and long term research scientists to provide product guidance. This guidance is useful for understanding the products available in the market, profiles obtained from prototypes, as well as rebalancing products to meet gold standard profiles. This collaboration experience eases the translation from data to guidance for developers, and thus allows them to successfully apply the findings to the project. Additionally, since we often work with client’s internal sensory functions we understand the need to be flexible and supportive to help these scientists use data to guide their internal stakeholders.

Grounding in Science and Statistics

Sensation Research applies the full descriptive analysis approach to most projects. Many other suppliers consider profile data obtained from trained panelist in a consensus panel to be equivalent to data from full descriptive analysis approach. We understand that while the consensus approach is valid for quick screening and feedback, it is not as rigorous as the full descriptive analysis approach. Sensation Research only applies consensus profiling by request from the client.

Statistical analysis is available in-house at Sensation Research. Methods commonly employed include ANOVA, post-hoc testing (Tukey’s HSD, Fisher’s LSD, Dunnett’s, etc.), cluster analysis, principal component analysis, partial least squares regression as well as other techniques, which are applied as necessary.

Sensation Research has expertise in both consumer research and sensory research practice. This expertise allows us to help make the translation between these 2 branches of research, which makes the guidance more approachable to the R&D and Market Research teams.


We can adjust to client’s needs.  Each client has their own unique set of practices.  We have a scientific approach to sensory research which we will customize to align with our client’s needs. Additionally, we are ready to collaborate with our client’s consultants on projects that are multifaceted.

Full Disclosure

We believe that the work done for a client should be transparent thus there are no “black boxes” or proprietary approaches that are not shared with our clients.  The client will have full disclosure of the references and methods utilized as well as the statistical analysis applied, and even the raw data if that is of interest.

Global Experience

A large part of Cindy Ward’s career has been focused on training young scientists from all over the world to become sensory professionals.  This encompassed not only teaching sensory science, consumer research, and statistical analysis but also how to utilize this data within an organization. This experience allows us to more fully understand the impact of sensory research for a global company.