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Sensation Research operates from a state of the art facility that opened in January 2017 which includes two large training areas, a data collection room, a full-capacity kitchen, and a spacious prep and reference storage area. The multiple refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, freezer space, commercial walk-in cooler, accelerated shelf life study storage and ambient storage space provide flexibility in set up configurations to accommodate a myriad of study designs.

Overview of Product Testing Capabilities


  • Laboratory
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • 3 Multi-purpose Training Rooms
  • Data Collection Room – Computerized sensory facility with 45 Red Jade Data Collection Stations
  • Cameras with Microphones for Remote Observation


  • Chief Consultant
  • Director of Sensory & Consumer Research
  • Lab Manager
  • 3 Sensory Scientists
  • 3 Panel Leaders
  • 5+ Technicians
  • 30+ Descriptive Panelists
  • In-house statistical analysis capabilities and statistical consulting partners

Trained Descriptive Panels

  • Sweet Goods, Snacks, Savory, Beverage, Personal Care.
  • Panels developed for sensitivity to sweeteners and salt replacers
  • Custom panels to meet client’s needs

Overview of Product Testing Facility

Commercial Kitchen

  • Flexible space built such that commercial cooking equipment can be added as needed for projects
  • 12 foot commercial hood with fire suppression
  • Flexible space built such that commercial cooking equipment can be added as needed for projects
  • 4 calibrated retail electric stove/ovens with convection
  • 6 matched microwaves all on separate electrical circuits
  • 3 small scale commercial electric fryer
  • 3 large scale commercial electric fryers
  • 3 large griddle cook tops
  • 4 matched refrigerators and 4 freezers, more can be sourced if needed
  • Other equipment sourced as needed for projects
  • Prep area – with analytical balances, glassware, mixers, blenders, various bakeware, mixing bowls, dish room with low temp dish machine, 3 compartment sink and 2 hand sinks
  • Walk-in commercial storage boxes with locks – 40F (10′ x 10′) and 90F (8′ x 8′)
  • Stability room with lock – 70F