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Competitive Set Mapping– Mapping the sensory characteristics of products to help you find your space to own in the marketplace

Consumer Segmentation– Identifying consumers that will be delighted by your product or finding ways to stratify your offerings to meet the likes of diverse consumer groups

Preference Mapping Research– Elucidating the key product attributes that drive consumer appeal

Design of Experiments – Guiding development of products through experimental design utilizing consumer and sensory data to optimize products


Sensory and Consumer Research Project Management to guide product development and business decisions

Descriptive Analysis, Discrimination Testing and Consumer Insights research capabilities – full array of innovative qualitative & quantitative techniques

Sensory and Consumer Research Program Development

Customized In-house Training – Focused on Product Development guidance utilizing Sensory Science, Consumer Research and Statistics

Strategic Consulting on Sensory and Consumer Research Practices – leading to strategies for development of Best-in-Class Programs and Services

Sensation Research Facility located just north of Cincinnati focused on descriptive analysis with two spacious training rooms, a data collection room, a commercial kitchen and plenty of additional sample storage.